The most eco-friendly hotel in Thailand

To say we were lucky to stumble across the Anana Ecological Resort in Thailand is an understatement. This beautiful hotel, which is situated just a 5 minute drive from Ao Nang, prides itself on being as eco-friendly as possible.

We spent our five day visit in one of the Thai studio rooms which came with a king-sized bed as well as a Thai day bed to relax on. Our balcony overlooked the famous limestone cliffs and greenery which provided a beautiful view as well as a soundtrack from the local wildlife each night.

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How to go plastic free at a festival

Festival season is upon us. I’ve been to a few festivals in my time from working as a journalist at T in the Park and Rockness in Scotland, to heading to sunnier climates like Exit in Serbia and Haven in Copenhagen. However, they were all years ago before I’d made a conscious decision to give up plastic and live a more sustainable life.

Then last summer, I travelled down to ArcTanGent in Bristol to watch my boyfriend’s band perform and I was able to have a much more eco-friendly weekend. So here’s my guide to having a plastic free festival this summer.

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It’s time to ditch miniature toiletries

As summer approaches, the shops are filled with way too many miniature plastic bottles of different toiletries that consumers feel the need to buy. I’ve definitely been there before on previous holidays when I’ve bought several small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and face wash completely unaware of how damaging they are to our wonderful planet.

Luckily there are now lots of alternatives on the market that will not only help the environment but will save you money too.

So here’s some tips to help you have a more eco-friendly travel bag this year:

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Where to bulk buy in Edinburgh | The Refillery

A few weeks ago, I was on a panel for a How To Live Plastic Free discussion at the Scottish Parliament with Kelly Wright from The Refillery, a fantastic plastic free shop in Edinburgh.

At that point, I still hadn’t been to visit the store. I’m really lucky because there’s another bulk buy shop called Weigh To Go just around the corner of my flat which I visit on a regular basis. However, I did make a visit to The Refillery over the Easter weekend to check it out and I was not disappointed at all.

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Life In Plastic

Last month, I interviewed Scottish artist and photographer David Gillivear for Plastic Free Scotland. He has turned plastic and other litter he found along the coast of Scotland into this thought-provoking new project to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

Click here to read my full interview with him.

Plastic Free Easter!

Since I went vegan over five years ago, my biggest obstacle at Easter has always been finding vegan chocolate eggs. I’ve went from barely being able to find one in the shops to having a huge variety to pick from. However, now I can’t help but notice the sheer volume of plastic that they come wrapped in.

We all know how damaging plastic is to our planet. There is no planet B. We need to stop taking the world for granted and start making smart decisions which will not do irreversible damage.

So, if you are looking to buy Easter eggs this year then please think the plastic that you’re also purchasing. To make it a little easier for you, I’ve put together a list of the top five most eco-friendly vegan Easter eggs I could find.

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Hooray! Contact lens wearers can now recycle their lenses

For someone like me who has been wearing monthly contact lenses for around 18 years now the fact there is now a contact lenses recycle scheme is such a welcome announcement.

According to my maths skills, I have probably thrown away somewhere in the region of 450 contact lenses and plastic packages (I’ve rounded the number up to include the extra ones that I used to rip when I first started to use them). That’s a huge amount of plastic that I’ve had to throw away because there was no other solution.

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It’s time to end period plastic!

Photo by Josefin on Unsplash

Did you know that 4.3 million disposable menstrual products are used in the UK each year?

Considering that conventional period products contain up to 90% plastic, with menstrual pads containing the equivalent of 4 plastic bags, you can only imagine how damaging it is to the environment! I’m ashamed to admit that I had absolutely no idea how damaging menstrual products are until a few years ago. Growing up, there was never any mention of it. You either used tampons or pads, and it was pretty much as black and white as that. There was no discussion about plastic free alternatives, however in the past year there has been a lot of noise made about sustainable periods and what other options are out there.

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