SugarDaddy’s Bakery

Are these not the best cookie sandwiches you’ve ever seen?

They’re from a cute little bakery called SugarDaddy’s in Edinburgh. Despite only living about a 20 minute walk from the shop, I only actually went in for the first time this weekend.

It’s not a vegan bakery, but they have lots of different vegan options available and everything is gluten free. I obviously picked up one of the caramel apple cookie sandwiches which tasted incredible, and it was only £1.95! That’s a bargain in terms of vegan cakes because they’re usually at least twice as much if you’re after cakes at a vegan festival.

They also do doughnuts, cupcakes, brownies and cookies, so there are more than enough options to keep you going back time after time. I fee like it’s going to be hard not to end up there every day working my way through all the different cakes. Although that probably won’t be good for my waistline even if my taste buds will enjoy it an awful lot.

If you’re in Edinburgh and looking for vegan cakes then I can’t recommend SugarDady’s enough. Trust me, you’ll love it!

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