Where To Bulk Buy in Edinburgh | The New Leaf Co-op

Want to know where to bulk buy in Edinburgh?

Well The New Leaf Co-op has all your zero waste needs.

I discovered this shop last year, and these days I can often be found there scooping chickpeas into jars and looking at all the shelves of spices.

The store is open from Monday to Saturday and is the best place in Edinburgh to buy in bulk. The shop sells loose fruit and veg, bread without packaging, and lots of bulk foods including grains, pulses, pasta, spices, herbs, dried fruit, cleaning products, and they have a nut butter machine!!




The staff will happily weigh all your jars and containers for you, but there’s also paper bags in the shop if you don’t have your own. You can also take your own washing up bottles and fill them with washing up liquid,

I still had a quite a bit of food in my cupboard so I only needed a few things when I popped in at the weekend.

I picked up some chickpeas, vegan chocolate drops, organic apricots, exotic muesli, and rice. I was really excited to find the vegan chocolate drops cause finding vegan chocolate in bulk is not something that happens every day. Plus, it tastes delicious!

If you’re in Edinburgh then you should definitely take a visit to The New Leaf Co-op. Remember you don’t need any fancy jars or anything. I used a katsu curry sauce jar to fill with apricots and my boyfriend’s takeaway container to fill with rice.

This is Edinburgh’s biggest bulk buy store, but I’ll be blogging about other places in the city you can do some zero waste shopping in the coming months. If you have any suggestions, then please let me know in the comments.

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