Where To Bulk Buy in Edinburgh | Real Foods

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog about bulk buying in Edinburgh (it’s here if you’d like to see) and I wanted to spread the word about another great place in the city to bulk buy from.

I absolutely love Real Foods. I used to work across the road from one of the stores, so I have spent a lot of lunch breaks trying to pick what kind of vegan chocolate I needed to get me through the rest of the working day.


On first glance, it might not be seem like a plastic free shop. In fact, I thought everything was wrapped in plastic until I read their website here. Most of the bagged goods (think rice, pules, dried fruit, baking powders etc) are sold in cellulose bags. They can easily be added to either your compost of thrown into your general waste and they will break down into vegetable matter.


The shop also sells lots of products in glass bottles, loose fruit and vegetables with paper bag for those who need them, package free bread, and an array of toiletries including plastic free soaps and bamboo toothbrushes.


It should be worth noting that the whole show isn’t zero waste. Real Foods still sells products that come in plastic, however it’s possible to pick up lots of plastic free products so I’ve never found it to be a problem.

I shop in the Broughton Street branch because it’s closer to me, but if you visit the other store at Tollcross in Edinburgh then you can refill lots of household products from washing up liquid to hand wash and fabric conditioner. You can see a full list of the products available here.

If you’re in Edinburgh then its definitely worth a visit to check out what package free products you can pick up. There’s also lots of delicious vegan goodies including some of my favourite chocolate bars!

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