Zero Waste Travel Kit

Travel Kit

It’s time for another trip away, and I’m trying to do it as zero waste as possible. I’m heading to Ireland on Wednesday for a mini break to attend a wedding and visit my boyfriend’s family.

Usually whenever you head through security at the airport you’re met by millions of miniature products that not only cost the same as a standard size product but are so unnecessary.  I try to take the minimal number of products possible and use things which I can just refill or reuse so I don’t create more waste.

So here’s my travel essentials:

  • Safety razor – there are lots of different ones out there, but I bought mine from Edwin Jagger and it’s amazing. I was really nervous using it at first, but now it really is so easy. You can watch my first impressions video here.
  • Shampoo/face soapFriendly soap has become my go to natural shampoo bar that’s affordable and package free which makes it even better. In terms of face soap, I’m been using the movis soap from Lush for six months now and it always leaves my skin really soft.
  • Eucalyptus oil – A great remedy for headaches which you can buy online here.
  • Dental floss – I finally found a dental floss from georganics that doesn’t come in plastic – YAHHH!! It’s one of my favourite products in my zero waste bathroom at home.
  • Toothpaste tabs – I was making my own toothpaste for a while, but i find it harder to travel with because the coconut oil always goes so soft, so I bought some denttabs that come in this small aluminium bottle so I can just buy refills when I next run out.
  • Bamboo toothbrush – My favourite brand of non-plastic toothbrush going. I’ve been using humble brushes for a while now and I love them.
  • Homemade deodorant – I say homemade, but it’s just baking powder which you can purchase from most supermarkets or bulk buy stores. It might sound a bit odd but it works really well.
  • Moisturiser – I’m currently using this one from Sukin which comes in a glass container, although I am looking for other plastic free ones to try.

What zero waste essentials do you take travelling? Let me know in the comments below.

Safe travels!!


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