Hooray! Contact lens wearers can now recycle their lenses

For someone like me who has been wearing monthly contact lenses for around 18 years now the fact there is now a contact lenses recycle scheme is such a welcome announcement.

According to my maths skills, I have probably thrown away somewhere in the region of 450 contact lenses and plastic packages (I’ve rounded the number up to include the extra ones that I used to rip when I first started to use them). That’s a huge amount of plastic that I’ve had to throw away because there was no other solution.

According to some research by Johnson & Johnson, 20% of the 3.7 million contact lens wearers in the UK admitted to flushing them down the toilet or sink. While I understand that there’s never been a recycle programme before, just think how much plastic that is that’s been making its way into our water systems, some of which will get washed up on our beaches.

However, now contact lens wearers like me can recycle contact lenses, blister packs and foil covers through a free programme which has been rolled out to over 1000 Boots opticians and independent opticians throughout the UK. Check out this interactive map to find the nearest recycle point to you.

The scheme is open to everyone. You don’t need to be a Boots opticians’ customer or wear a certain type of lens. You just need to head into the store and put them in the very easy to spot recycling boxes.

Given that the fight against plastic is more important than ever before, this recycle scheme couldn’t come at a better time. Let’s just hope people use it rather than just continuing to throw their contacts and cases in the bin.

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