Plastic Free Easter!

Since I went vegan over five years ago, my biggest obstacle at Easter has always been finding vegan chocolate eggs. I’ve went from barely being able to find one in the shops to having a huge variety to pick from. However, now I can’t help but notice the sheer volume of plastic that they come wrapped in.

We all know how damaging plastic is to our planet. There is no planet B. We need to stop taking the world for granted and start making smart decisions which will not do irreversible damage.

So, if you are looking to buy Easter eggs this year then please think the plastic that you’re also purchasing. To make it a little easier for you, I’ve put together a list of the top five most eco-friendly vegan Easter eggs I could find.

Montezuma Eco Egg

This organic dark chocolate egg with cocoa nibs seems to be the eco-friendliest Easter egg on the market. It’s even called an Eco Egg. Instead of being wrapped in plastic, it comes in a sturdy bio-degradable paper outer shell with foil wrapper instead (foil can be recycled if rolled into bigger balls).

Divine Dark Chocolate Egg

Divine has a range of Easter eggs, including a couple of vegan ones, that come wrapped in foil in a cardboard box. Divine chocolate is also fairtrade and this egg is also free from palm oil or palm derivatives.

Montezuma Milk Alternative Egg

Yes, it’s another Montezuma egg but the company seems to be working well to not include any plastic in their products. Aside from the Ego Egg listed above, Montezuma also do an organic milk chocolate alternative egg which comes wrapped in foil in a cardboard box, both of which can usually be easily recycled either in your individual household bin or in communal recycling bins.

Boojo Boojo Truffle Egg

Boojo Boojo Fine De Champagne truffles are without a doubt the best truffles in the whole world and recently I discovered that you can actually get them in an Easter egg too, along with lots of other varieties. The papier-mâché eggs are hand painted in India and the truffles are wrapped in foil inside. I am still waiting on confirmation from the company about how recyclable the foil is but compared to the vast plastic of most eggs, Boojo Boojo are doing pretty well.

Hotel Chocolat Soft-Boiled Egg

(Disclaimer: Most of the eggs and chocolate at Hotel Chocolat come wrapped in a lot of plastic). However, this dark chocolate vegan Easter egg comes wrapped in a biodegradable cellulose bag which is the first egg I’ve found to come in this type of packaging. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Hotel Chocolat could make all their packaging like this?

What are you doing for Easter this year? Have you found any plastic free eggs that haven’t made my list?

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