Where to bulk buy in Edinburgh | The Refillery

A few weeks ago, I was on a panel for a How To Live Plastic Free discussion at the Scottish Parliament with Kelly Wright from The Refillery, a fantastic plastic free shop in Edinburgh.

At that point, I still hadn’t been to visit the store. I’m really lucky because there’s another bulk buy shop called Weigh To Go just around the corner of my flat which I visit on a regular basis. However, I did make a visit to The Refillery over the Easter weekend to check it out and I was not disappointed at all.

Firstly, any shop which has a fruit infused water at the till and encourages you to refill your water bottle deserves extra kudos. I appreciated this even more because it was one of the sunniest days we’ve had in Edinburgh this year and I’d already drank the majority of the water I’d taken with me.

According to The Refillery’s website, in a ten week period customers saved an amazing 18,320 pieces of plastic packaging by choosing to refill. That’s an incredible amount in such a short space of time, so it really does show you how effective shops like this can be.

The shop is filled with everything you would expect to find in a bulk buy shop including oils, pulses, nuts, spices and pasta. I was most excited to find my favourite kind of pasta (wholewheat penne in case you were interested) in bulk as while I’ve found pasta in other plastic free shops, it’s never been that particular kind.

There’s also a huge section full of plastic free toiletries including toilet roll, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap and sanitary products. They also have big containers of liquid shampoo, shower gel, washing up liquid and hand wash which you can fill up in your own containers. Remember you don’t need to take a fancy jar or bottle along, I have hair conditioner in my bathroom that’s in a glass jar I once bought sauce in. So you can reuse any sort of jar, tub or bottle that you have.

If you live in Edinburgh or visiting the city and interested in plastic free living then The Refillery is definitely worth a visit. It’s a great place to stock up on bulk items as well as exploring lots of new plastic free and ethical products.

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