How to go plastic free at a festival

Festival season is upon us. I’ve been to a few festivals in my time from working as a journalist at T in the Park and Rockness in Scotland, to heading to sunnier climates like Exit in Serbia and Haven in Copenhagen. However, they were all years ago before I’d made a conscious decision to give up plastic and live a more sustainable life.

Then last summer, I travelled down to ArcTanGent in Bristol to watch my boyfriend’s band perform and I was able to have a much more eco-friendly weekend. So here’s my guide to having a plastic free festival this summer.

Remember your water bottle – This year, Glastonbury made the decision to not to sell single-use plastic water bottles for the first time since the festival began in 1970. While there were reports of people having to stand in long queues for water, there’s no denying that the move would have saved thousands of water bottles. So if you’re heading to a festival then take your reusable water and fill up for free when you get there.

Take your own cutlery – Taking a set of cutlery is a great option if you plan to eat out at the festival. I have bamboo set which I carry around with me that I bought from InGreens about two years ago. It’s not available anymore but they do have another one available here which looks almost the same.

Sparkle with eco-friendly glitter – No festival would be complete without glitter and thanks to Eco Glitter Fun you can still enjoy glitter with their biodegradable and cruelty-free products. They also sell a makeup brush and aloe vera gel to get apply the glitter.

DIY dry shampoo – Did you know that bicarbonate of soda works perfectly as dry shampoo? If you’ve got dark hair like me then you can always add some cocoa powder to the mixture. If you don’t have access to showers while you’re at the festival then this is a good way to keep your hair in check.

Drink from reusable cups – If you’re planning on drinking at the festival then don’t forget your reusable cup. Stainless steel cups like this one from Elephant Box will save you countless plastic cups if you plan to visit the bar while you’re there.

Are you going to a festival this here? Comment below and share your tips for having a plastic free time.

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